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    Vai kāds jau ir saskāries ar šo Vīrusu (vīrusa autors kāds Polis)domajams arī labi ir nopelnījis 😀

    Info zemāk:


    The screen then goes on to say that you have allege that you have been viewing porn and need to pay a fine of £100 to the Metropolitan or Strathclyde police via ukash

    They have very kindly supplied an email address which may even look authentic to some because the whole idea of this scam is to trick you into parting with your hard earned cash

    The email address supplied is: surcharge@cyber-metropolitan-police.co.uk

    Whilst the email address mentions the met police, the domain name http://www.cyber-metropolitan.police.co.uk is actually registered to an address in Poland.

    If you have a computer that it infected with this trojan, please see the [url=http://www.voltix.co.uk/2011/12/metropolitan-police-virus-trojan-zbot-cbcgen-ukash-scam/]Vairāk info:[/url]

    Es biju saskāries,bet radu tam visam risinājumu,sameklēju trojan remove un izdzēsu viņu.Tikai neatyceros kas tas bija par softu,tagad meklēju atkārtoti kautkā neatradu.

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